This website and booklet was made possible by the 28 eyewitness in the three villages who shared their recollection of the 1950 earthquake and tsunami. This website and booklet is also dedicated to two eyewitnesses (Elisa Breemer and Enos Noya) who passed away a few months after the interview.

The Indian Ocean Tsunami Information Centre (IOTIC) express it highest appreciation to the expert teams who did the interviews, research, and the writing: Hamzah Latief, Ardito Marzoeki Kodijat, Dominic Oki Ismoyo, Bustamam whom also did the interviews of the eyewitness along with Harkunti P. Rahayu and Navisa Nurbandika. Appreciation also is given to Dini Adiyasari who did the initial research on the news clippings.

A special thank you also extended to the head of the villages: Ir. J. Muriany (Raja Hative Kecil), Johan van Capele (Raja Galala), and Hutumuri M. Rosely (Pejabat Negeri Hutumuri) for identifying the eyewitnesses.

Thank you also to the government of the City of Ambon, especially the head of the Disaster Management Office of the City of Ambon and staff: Ir. Enrico Matitaputty, M.Tech; Eva Tuhumury, S. Hut; Rosina J. Maniputty, S.E; Susanty Fadjaria, S.E; Drs. Paulus Anakotta; Ridwan Semarang; Sammy R. Takarbessy; Denny Tetelepta;, Stanley Tuamely; and Marvin Johannis for their facilitation and support during the field research and surveys, and interviews with the eyewitnesses.

Appreciation also extended to the UNESCO – Indonesia Funds-in-Trust (UNESCO-IFIT) through the project “Building Model for Disaster Resilient City in Indonesia: Tsunami Hazard” 2014-2016. Without its support this documentation of the 1950 Ambon Tsunami could not materialized.