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Consensus Building on Revitalization of Aceh Tsunami Museum

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Consensus Building on Revitalization of Aceh Tsunami Museum

  Le Meridien Hotel, Jakarta, Indonesia
- 10/12/2012

UNESCO in partnership with the Geological Museum of Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources, with the support from the Australian Department for Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT), are conducting assessment and Consensus Building in Banda Aceh and Jakarta from 7 to 12 October 2015. This activity receive technical support and assistance from Geosciences Australia, University of Tsukuba, Kobe Earthquake Museum of DRI, and Timmer and Meijer Amsterdam.

The objectives of this partnership are:
To receive expert insights, views, and practical recommendations on the concept and function of the Aceh Tsunami Museum;
To achieve consensus from national and international experts and stakeholders on the concept and direction of the revitalization for the Aceh Tsunami Museum.
Further details will be posted in the website later.