Dead Bodies Being Still Washed Ashore

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Dead Bodies Being Still Washed Ashore
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The Bombay Chronicle
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The Bombay Chronicle
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Directorate of Archives, Maharashtra State, Mumbai

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Dead bodies being still washed ashore (Bombay, Friday, November 30)
Bodies of victims of the tragic tidal wave that swept the shores of the Northern Suburbs of the city are still being washed ashore unravelling the grim picture to the last detail. Yesterday seven corpses were recovered out of which six were identified as belonging to the family of Rahimtullah which perished in the visitation while returning home from the Haji Ali Darga at Mahalaxmi. Rahimtullah Abdulla’s body was identified from a ration card found on his person. To-day Hamidulla Rahimtullah (25), Currimbax (20), Amir (20), Mohamed Yakub and Mohamed Yunus were identified at the Coroner’s Court.

The body of a male child presumed to be Muslim floated ashore at Warden Road, not far away from Oomer Park yesterday. The body of an unidentified Parsi woman which was washed ashore near mahalaxmi was handed over to the Mukadam of the Parsi Panchayet for disposal by the Coroner, this morning.

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