Help for Tidal Wave Victims; President’s Appeal

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Help for Tidal Wave Victims; President’s Appeal
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The Free Press Journal
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Calcutta (Dec 1945)
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Associated Press of India
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Directorate of Archives, Maharashtra State, Mumbai

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The Congress President, Maulana Abul Kalam Azad, has associated himself on behalf of the Congress Working Committee with an appeal issued by Messrs. Jairamdas Daulatram and Khan Abdus Samad Khan, for the relief of sufferers from the tidal wave in Sind and Baluchistan. Estimates of the loss of life vary says the appeal. “The preliminary official computation is that only 200 persons lost their lives along the Sind coast and about 250 persons along the Baluchistan coast. The unofficial estimates for the Sind area are much higher.

The number of persons rendered homeless and destitute is, however admittedly very large. The official figure for only the towns of ‘Orinara’ and ‘Pasui’ on the Baluchistan coast is about 12,000. It is believed that other smaller places on the Baluchistan coast must have suffered equally extensively.

The number of persons affected in the Sind coast runs into throsands. Some villages on the Sind coast have been entirely wiped out and many have suffered heavily in casualties and loss of property. The collection of adequate funds for relief operations within a brief period id vital if starvation and misery is to be relieved in time. Only the co-opeartaion of rest of India can make this possible. We hope and trust this co-operation for the general public and all charitably inclined organizations and individuals will be available for the early relief of the distressed. All contributions may kindly be sent to the General Secretary, Sind Province.”

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