Intense Earthquake Shock Felt in Karachi

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Intense Earthquake Shock Felt in Karachi
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An earthquake shock of great intensity was recorded by the seismographs at the Colaba Observatory at 3-29 a.m. today – Bombay, Wednesday, November 28 – A report from Karachi says at about 3-30 this morning the earth rocked. Tables and furniture un buildings began to shake. Lamps and fans began to swing. The remora laster half a minute. The Karachi meteorological department reported that the earthquake shock lasted half a minute. The shock was felt throughout Karachi City.

May be in the sea. The earth tremors continued for a long time and even at 7-30 a.m., the seismograph at the Colaba Observatory recorded tremors. According to the Colaba Observatory, the epicenter of the earthquake must have been about 250 miles north of Bombay, but the records have not been correctly made and therefore the Colaba observatory authorities are not in a position to clearly indicate the exact position of the earthquake. They are, however, in a position to say that the earthquake was a very severe one and in their view it may have occurred in the sea, as otherwise by now reports of serious shocks must have been received from other seismographs located in the country.

Recorded in Delhi – New Delhi – The seismograph at the Delhi Observatory recorded an earthquake shock of great intensity roughly about 1400 miles west of Delhi at 3-29 a.m. today. The exact location has not yet been determined.

Karachi City Rocked for Half Minute; No Damage, No Casualty – Karachi, November 28 – Karachi City was rocked for half a minute this morning by an earthquake of fair intensity. There was a rumbling noise with the rocking of the lights and shattering of window planes. The shock was particularly felt on the southern and western parts of the city, while in residential side few could realize that there was a tremor. There was no seismograph a the local meteorological office to record the epicenter or the intensity of the quake, no damage or casualty is reported. The giant clocks at Municipal Corporation and at other places stopped at 3-2 a.m. In Baluchistan. The shock appears to have run from north to south. According to local meteorological officials, the intensity of the shock must have been much greater in south Baluchistan and Lasbella. A report from Lasbella says that a violent shock was experienced throughout the State, There is, however, no indication of the extent of the damage or casualties. It was reported from Banjigaur (Baluchistan) that earthquake shocks of moderate intensity were felt there and they laster for three minutes.

Thrown out of bed. The Government of Sind have so far received no reports from the districts about the earth tremor. The telegraph and telephone communications in Sind and Baluchistan appear to be working normally. There was no sign of panic among the citizens of Karachi, but a few people are reported to have run out of their houses. Some of them are said to have been rudely awakened by being thrown out of their beds. It is recalled that the great Quetta earthquake occurred almost at the sam hour nine years ago in the the month of September. The latest report about today’s earthquake received by the local meteorological office indicate that the duration of the shock varied from 3 seconds to 6 seconds. The shock was felt at Panjgaur (Baluchistan) at 3 a.m. and at Lasbella at 3-15 a.m. at Karachi 3-25 a.m. and at Monora at 3-29 a.m. The tremor has thus travelled a distance of about 290 miles from Panjgaur to Karachi in about half an hour. The intensity of the shock is described as moderate at Panjgaur, severe at Lasbella and slight at Karachi.

Dadu feels the ‘quake. A slight earthquake is also said to have been experienced at the town of Dadu at about 3 35 a.m. today. The shock lasted for three seconds and many people who awoke from their sleep came out on the open maidan. No damage was caused to property.

Epicenter of shock – Poona – The epicenter of the earthquake shock which was felt at some places in India today is near latitude 24 degrees north and longitude 65 degrees east, according to observations received at the Poona Meteorological Office. The earthquake shock was of very great intensity and occurred at about 3 27 a.m. (I.S.T.).

Lahore Free – Lahore, November 28 – Though reports of an earthquake were received from certain parts of Western India, no shock was felt in Lahore.

Colombo get ‘quake shock – Colombo, November 28 – A severe earthquake shock commencing at 03.32 hours with its epicenter at some 1,500 miles away was recorded by the Colombo Observatory today. The maxi mum phase was reached about 10 minutes after the onset of the primary waves and feeble shocks are still being recorded at 06.19 hours. The earlier phases of the shock could not be determined with exactitude owing to the large amplitude and the swift motion of the succeeding movements of the recording light, according to Dr. Dasseneiake, Superintendent of the Observatory.

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