Only 200 Dead in Sind Tidal Wave

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Only 200 Dead in Sind Tidal Wave
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The Bombay Chronicle
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Karachi (Dec 1945)
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Associated Press of India
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Directorate of Archives, Maharashtra State, Mumbai

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At a Press conference this morning the Chief Secretary to the Government of Sind characterized the Congress estimates of loss of life and damage to property caused by the recent tidal wave in the wake of the earthquake as highly exaggerated. He said that the entire coastline between Karachi and Kathiawar is scarcely populated and the entire population could not have been more than a few hundreds. In all approximately 200 people lost their lives and not 4,000. It was also not correct to say that 40,000 people were rendered homeless and destitute. Revenue Officials of the Sind Government reported that a few people needed help which the Government had sanctioned.

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