Severe Damage in Makran Town; Tidal Wave Effect

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Severe Damage in Makran Town; Tidal Wave Effect
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The Free Press Journal
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Karachi (Dec 1945)
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Associated Press
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Bound newspaper volume (Photograph)
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Directorate of Archives, Maharashtra State, Mumbai

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The wireless stations and post offices, both at Pasni and Ormara, on the Makran Coast, have been demolished, and both the towns have suffered severe damage as a result of the earth tremors and tidal wave on November 28. This report has been brought by a naval reconnoitering vessel today. Mr. H.L. Jerath, Director of Post and Telegraph, Sind, who was the first official to receive then information of the tidal wave damage in Makran region, persuaded the naval authorities to send out a vessel for ascertaining the extent of the damage. Following the preliminary report, Mr. Jerath is providing to these places to make relief and other arrangements.

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