Tidal Wave Havoc; Entire Villages Razed

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Tidal Wave Havoc; Entire Villages Razed
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The Free Press Journal
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The Free Press Journal
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Directorate of Archives, Maharashtra State, Mumbai

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The havoc wrought by the recent tidal wave on the fishing town lets of Ormara and Pasni is described by a correspondent of the A.P.I. who visited them in H.I.M. “Hindustani”. In Ormara (5,000 populations) 100 people died and 170 were injured. 70 bodies have been recovered from the debris. The rest are believed to have been carried away into the sea. The villagers, mostly fishermen have lost everything and have nothing to eat. their fishing boats and nets have all gone. 70 per cent of the houses have been damaged. Pasni: The whole village has been completely razed to the ground. The Customs House, the Guest House and other Government buildings have been destroyed. About 7,000 people have been rendered homeless and destitute. 50 persons died and 50 others are injured. 47 bodies have been recovered.

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