Victims of Karachi Tidal Wave Disaster

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Victims of Karachi Tidal Wave Disaster
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The Free Press Journal
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Karachi (Dec 1945)
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Directorate of Archives, Maharashtra State, Mumbai

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The Government of Sind in a communique says that the Collector of Karachi estimates that the total loss of life in the tidal wave in the Tata Sub-Division at 106 deaths by drowning. It is to be proved that the total casualties, both in that Sub-Division and in the Shah Bunder Sub-Division will not exceed 250. Exact figures cannot however, be made available for so,e time. The communique adds: the loss of property is considerable. Houses have been destroyed; stocks of grain and fish, clothing and domestic utensils have been lost and many fishing nets – the replacement of which will be a difficult matter, have also been swept away. Active measures have been taken to give immediate relief in the shape of the distribution of food and clothing and steps will now be taken to provide money for the rebuilding of houses and the replacement of nets and fishing gear. Remission of land revenue will be allowed to zamindars who have lost their produce and the money necessary for the rehabilitation of the affected areas and for the settling of the inhabitants on their feet again will be provided by Government in the shape of free relief. For this purpose a detailed survey of the area, village by village, is being made. But owing to the inaccessibility of the tract and the poor-ness of communications there, the completion of the survey will take some time.

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