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Remembering the Indian Ocean Tsunami 26 December 2004

It has been twelve years since the Indian Ocean Tsunami 2004. The boxing day that changed the world’s view on Disaster Risk Reduction.

To commemorate this day, it is possible to download the publication on Tsunami Preparedness and Strategies to Save A Life in Case of Tsunami, based on the lessons learned of survivors in Aceh and Pangandaran:

English: http://iotic.ioc-unesco.org/…/tsunami_arrives_in_minutes.pdf

Bahasa: http://iotic.ioc-unesco.org/…/saat-gelombang-pertama-tiba-d…

Also available in Arabic, Tetum, Sinhala, and Urdu: http://iotic.ioc-unesco.org/resources/awareness-and-education-materials/66/booklet-

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