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Training of School Safety Inspection for VISUS Adaptation in Indonesia Bandung, 3-6 November 2015

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Training of School Safety Inspection for VISUS Adaptation in Indonesia Bandung, 3-6 November 2015

UNESCO Office Jakarta in collaboration with UNESCO HQ Paris, SPRINT (Safety and Protection Intersectoral) Lab of University of Udine Italy, and Faculty for Civil Engineering and Environmental of Bandung Institute of Technology (FTSL ITB) organized Training session on School Safety Inspection of the VISUS (Visual Inspection for defining the Safety Upgrading Strategies) methodology adaptation for Indonesia. The training was held in Civil Engineering Alumni Association Hall of FTSL ITB on 3 to 6 November 2015. This training is part of the adaptation process activities funded by Indonesian Funds in Trusts (IFIT) project “Building Model for Disaster Resilient City in Indonesia: Tsunami Hazard”.

There are 38 participants comprises of representatives from ITB lecturers and researchers, senior high school teachers, and students attending this training, as well observers from national and international NGOs, Donor, and representatives of Ministry of Education and Cultural. The training is facilitated by Prof. Stefano Grimaz of Udine University, Italy supported by experts of UNESCO and staffs of the FTSL ITB.

The objective of this training is to introduce the VISUS methodology to lecturers, researchers, practitioners, and students for them to use the survey tools and to take the lead in assessing the schools safety during the field survey.

There were 9 schools assessed during the training survey in Bandung City area. The first day of the survey was done manually on paper based by two groups of participants. On the second day the participants was divided into 8 groups and conducted the survey. As follow up of this training additional 41 schools in Bandung and 10 schools Pangandaran areas that will be coordinated by the FTSL ITB.

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