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Video of Remembering 1945 Makran Tsunami

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Video of Remembering 1945 Makran Tsunami

UNESCO Office Islamabad with the support of the UNESCO/IOC Indian Ocean Tsunami Information Centre developed an awareness rising video to remember the 1945 Makran Tsunami. This video was aired in Pakistan Televisions in relation to the 70th year commemoration of the 1945 Makran Tsunami on 28 November 2015.

The Remembering 1945 Makran Tsunami video is now available in IOTIC website. The video is in Urdu language having English sub-titles. To see the video please click on the 1945 Makran Tsunami banner.

The 10 minutes video shows some eyewitnesses sharing their testimonials when the tsunami struck their villages 70 years ago. It is hoped that the information will help save lives during future tsunamis on shores of the Arabian Sea. More information about the 1945 Makran Tsunami Survivors’ interviews, can also be seen through the above link.