Eyewitness Information

Name of Witness
Location of interview
Goth Haji Umer Ottho, Tehsil Kharo Chhan, District Thatta
Where the eyewitness was and went during the event
Goth Haji Umer Ottho, Tehsil Kharo Chhan, District Thatta
Age at time of inteview/ Date of Birth of the eyewitness
100 years
Age of eyewitnes during the event
25 year (approx.)
Career of the eyewitness
Date of Interview

Brief Information of the eyewitness and the interview situation

I am living since my birth at this place and sea was very far away from this area.

Interview result (text of the interview: Purely descriptive)

People living near shore told about the destruction caused by the tsunami in 1945. The delta (Indus river) was far away from this place, therefore water could not come to this place. Sukhibander a much populated place at that time (4-5 kilometers away from this place) was destroyed. Today the marks of the city cannot be identified because of the speedy ongoing coastal erosion. Sea was much behind the present day shoreline those days (around 30 kilometers away) and we used to have much bigger cultivation farms. We buried many dead bodies where ever we found. Water stayed at least 1- 2 months after the event in the area. Most of the people living in Sukhibander migrated to India.
Reference Number: EIPK0073