Haji Ahmed s/o Khair Mohammad

Eyewitness Information

Name of Witness
Haji Ahmed s/o Khair Mohammad
Location of interview
Peshukan, District Gwadar
Where the eyewitness was and went during the event
Peshukan, District Gwadar
Age at time of inteview/ Date of Birth of the eyewitness
90 years
Age of eyewitnes during the event
Career of the eyewitness
Date of Interview

Interview result (text of the interview: Purely descriptive)

After the earthquake, the sea receded from shoreline, approximately 200 meters or more and then came forward again and again in the form of 3 big waves. There was not much damage by the earthquake as most of the houses were built of wood and matting. Similarly tsunami waves could not cause destruction because the Peshukan is situated on highland. Sea water rose up high but could not reach up to the houses. I guess it was summer season and the earthquake happened at Fajr (before dawn prayer). After earthquake I went out and observed the sea water has receded and then waves were approaching the coastline which was different from the normal waves. The sea water rose up high and when it came near the shore gained more height. When the wave went back it reduced height and came forward again. The waves came one after the other. At least for half an hour this phenomenon continued. Approximately after one and half hour after the earthquake the waves attacked.
Reference Number: EIPK0009