Haroon (son of Gammi)

Eyewitness Information

Name of Witness
Haroon (son of Gammi)
Location of interview
Pasni City, District Gwadar
Where the eyewitness was and went during the event
Pasni City, District Gwadar
Age at time of inteview/ Date of Birth of the eyewitness
70 years
Age of eyewitnes during the event
17 months
Career of the eyewitness
Date of Interview

Brief Information of the eyewitness and the interview situation

Haroon is famous with the name “Haron Zalzla” (Haroon Earthquake) associated with the incident of 1945 Earthquake & Tsunami in which he was accidently saved but most of his family died in the event.

Interview result (text of the interview: Purely descriptive)

14 members of my family including six brothers and sisters, mother, my father’s two sister and their four kids (my cousins) and uncle died in the event. I know names as my uncle and father used to share details of that incident. Gammi, my father was in deep sea for fishing that day. My uncle told me there were three giant waves of tsunami and he also noticed a light emerging from sea like the lightening in any thunder storm. Khuda Dad shared further details like the first wave height was around 60 feet (or more), 2nd approximately 40 and the 3rd around 30 feet high.
Reference Number: EIPK0028