Eyewitness Information

Name of Witness
Location of interview
Ormara City, District Gwadar
Where the eyewitness was and went during the event
Ormara City, District Gwadar
Age at time of inteview/ Date of Birth of the eyewitness
78 years
Age of eyewitnes during the event
11 years
Career of the eyewitness
Date of Interview

Brief Information of the eyewitness and the interview situation

I was 11 years old when at one night before dawn (Fajr prayer time)

Interview result (text of the interview: Purely descriptive)

Some people were crushed under the roof of collapse mud/ stone houses because of the earthquake. I was living with my family in the same house (interview place) in 1945. In fact, after the earthquake and following storm, people shifted their houses from here to another comparatively safer place inland but settled again seven years before. Only the first wave reached the area where presently fisheries office is situated. But the 3rd reach at this place (her house). First wave was the strongest one and almost as high as roof of the house. Those waves brought boats inland with lot of fish. I believe after the earthquake, fire blown and fell into the sea, then storm generated. Sea water receded after few hours (3-4) after the storm hit the area. No relief was provided by either of the governments; British and Jaam of Lasbella State.
Reference Number: EIPK0040