Samsi Mai

Eyewitness Information

Name of Witness
Samsi Mai
Location of interview
Where the eyewitness was and went during the event
Age at time of inteview/ Date of Birth of the eyewitness
85 years
Age of eyewitnes during the event
16 years
Career of the eyewitness
Date of Interview

Brief Information of the eyewitness and the interview situation

The event happened after 2-3 years of her marriage and she got married at the age of 14.

Interview result (text of the interview: Purely descriptive)

After the earthquake and storm (tsunami) the population of Pasni Town suffered severe drinking water shortage and her father dug out well to help the affected people evacuated near her house. A child was born at night of the earthquake and named “Haroon”, his mother, uncle and few other family members were swept away by tsunami waves but he survived and later own called as “Haroon Zalzala (Earthquake)”. Samsi Mai herself could not see the coming waves as she went behind the sand dunes
Reference Number: EIPK0020