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Tsunami Preparedness Information Guide For Disaster Planners

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Tsunami Preparedness Information Guide For Disaster Planners


This guide is prepared based on the Japanese document titled “Guidebook for Tsunami Preparedness in Local Hazard Mitigation Planning” developed in March 1998.

Tsunami preparedness is just one part of a comprehensive plan covering a broad range of possible local damage, including that caused by earthquakes, wind and rain, storm surges, and volcanic eruptions.

When a tsunami is generated in a local area, there is little or no warning time before it strikes. Consequently, the building blocks of tsunami readiness are advanced planning and the establishment of evacuation areas, maintenance of evacuation routes, communication systems, and the rapid dissemination of accurate information.

The two key areas that officials need to set up are:

  • URBAN PLANNING to strengthen at-risk communities’ preparedness, including zoning restrictions, relocation to higher ground, renovation and reconstruction of dilapidated structures;
  • EMERGENCY READINESS forming the organizational structure and activity behind tsunami readiness, such as warning systems, establishing evacuation zones and routes, public educational programs and protection of the fishing industry.

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