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Working Group 1: Tsunami Risk Assessment and Reduction

Tsunami Service Providers

Tsunami Information Centres

Working Group 1: Tsunami Risk Assessment and Reduction

  1. Develop guidelines for tsunami risk assessment in the marine and land environment as part of a global multi-hazard risk management framework.
  2. Provide guidance to emergency response managers on the preparation of risk assessment products.
  3. Facilitate the application and use of inundation model outputs for tsunami hazard and risk assessment.
  4. Facilitate data sharing, including access to and development of databases, incorporating exposure, tsunami hazard and vulnerability.
  5. Facilitate capacity building, including knowledge transfer, in the form of workshops, training programs and case studies for risk assessment in all Indian Ocean countries.
  6. Provide advice and develop guidelines on hazard mitigation (physical interventions – artificial and natural methods)
  7. Liaise with Working Groups from the other ocean basins, as well as other working groups within ICG/IOTWS to coordinate and ensure efficient and effective information for tsunami risk assessment and reduction.
The Group will be composed of members nominated by Member States, invited observers, with a chairperson and a vice-chairperson to be elected.