Tsunami Service Providers

Tsunami Information Centres

IOTIC Activity

Proposed activities 2012 – 2016

  1. Develop Multilingual IOTIC Information Website
    In the future, IOTIC will continue to develop its website available to other languages, at the request of the Member States and subject to availability of extra-budgetary funding.
  2. Preparedness, Awareness, and Education Development Programmes
    Annually JTIC (IOTIC) will provide support to Member State in developing Preparedness, Awareness, and Education materials, among other: making UNESCO‐IOC materials available in their national language, i.e. the interactive DVD ROM Tsunami Teacher, Tsunami Glossary, etc; facilitate the Member States to use and adapt different materials available in other countries.
  3. Training and workshops
    IOTIC will provide support to the Member States in different regions in ITIC training programs to strengthening tsunami warning and emergency responses: training on end to‐ end standard operating procedures (SOPs).
  4. Studies
    IOTIC will coordinate studies, surveys, case studies in accordance with the need/requests of Member States, subject to available funding from extra-budgetary sources.
  5. Coordination with ICG/IOTWS
    In coordination with the ICG/IOTWS Secretariat, IOTIC will organize coordination meetings with ICG working groups to ensure the need of ICG working groups will be facilitated in IOTIC as well as updated information is available in IOTIC.